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Our greater Seattle studio was founded in 2018 by Julia and Helen - two amazingly creative individuals and friends, who share the same passion for all-things design, art, and travel. They met working on an interior design project in Redmond and almost instantaneously developed a connection that grew into a close friendship and, eventually, business partnership.

we use our imagination, creativity and knowledge to design functional spaces that ooze personality

Interior design process is an exciting collaboration journey that we embark on with our clients. The ultimate goal of this journey is to create an authentic interior that has a special connection with our clients and their heritage, nature, history; is practical and sustainable; and makes the most use of the available space. Helping people find a vision for their space, and bring it to life, is our passion. We love coming up with original and interesting design solutions that reflect our clients’ personalities, finding the right balance between different styles, mixing modern and eclectic pieces, east and west aesthetic, working with textures and colors, repurposing, and adding one-of-a-kind elements to our designs.

Our team - Julia

_YULIA is a self-taught designer and decorator with a keen eye; interior photographer; plant lover and travel enthusiast, and mom of 3 amazing gentlemen. Prior to completely switching career paths 8 years ago, she worked as business consultant and project manager in various spheres from hi-tech, human resources and marketing, to finance. Her unique set of skills combines creativity, distinctive sense of style, spatial planning, ability to come up with out-of-the-box imaginative solutions, and project management experience. Born in Moscow, Russia, Yulia has spent most of her childhood in Mumbai (India) with her parents, and has been a resident of the beautiful pacific northwest since 2007.

Our team - Helen

_HELEN is a seasoned interior designer with over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial design in Israel and USA; an AutoCAD pro; an artist, who paints masterpieces using different techniques in her spare time. She also has a remarkable talent for selecting furniture, art, and accessories. Helen designs spaces that have a timeless and sophisticated feel, and always reflect each homeowner’s individual taste and lifestyle. Helen was born in the former USSR, immigrated to Israel and have lived there most of her life, and in 2017 decided to move with her husband and two boys to Seattle area. She loves exploring the PNW with her family, hiking, and traveling.